Line Etchings

I am fascinated by the designs of buildings and structures - alone or how they sit together in a group.  When people view my work they feel a connection with the place first and then see the work and the detail. Since I want people to see more of what I’m seeing I have started focusing in on the subjects so that their location are more unidentifiable - like "Under the Elevated". By focusing in on the details of the structure or building instead of the big picture I'm forcing people to view the subject matter in a more abstract and, hopefully, beautiful way.


I love to draw.  I had been creating etchings for over 20 years before I decided that I wanted to try my hand at color and a move to Germany gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Finding inspiration was easy especially when I happened upon the works of Raoul Dufy.  His loose hand made me want to be able to take a break from the tight lines in my etchings and explore. The result is a burst of color with a more abstract style.

DeAnn L. Prosia 

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