Line Etchings
Fascinated how society has historically built beautiful and interesting architecture to fill the needs of people and their everyday lives, I structurally create images by building up layers of line and tone. Working only with line, I create the feeling and textures similar to aquatint by using a sewing needle, working on copper and using ferric chloride. A large etching plate can take me up to 400 hours to create.

Recently I'm finding myself interested in complex structures in unrecognizable locations hoping people will focus on the technique and detail I've built up through my cross hatching and construction of my work.   

Working only with lines, I try to create the feeling and textures of other methods, such as aquatint.  Using a sewing needle and working on copper I get the desired fine lines and details I like. 

Watercolors and Drawings

After creating etchings for over 20 years, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at color and a move to Germany gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Finding inspiration was especially easy when I happened upon the works of Raoul Dufy.  His loose hand made me want to be able to take a break from the tight lines in my etchings and explore. The result is a burst of color combined with drawing.  As much as I try to stay loose, the detailed work I’m known for with my etchings creeps into my watercolors.

DeAnn L. Prosia